Blue Collar Club

The BlueCollarClubis a one stop resource center for technical school students and blue collar professionals. The purpose of the website is four-fold:

  1. Connect tech school students in a mentor/protégé relationship with trade professionals.
  2. Promote trade/vocational schools as a viable alternative to a 4 year college.
  3. Leverage social media to facilitate career development and job readiness.
  4. Elevate and enhance the overall image of blue collar professionals.

The BlueCollarClubincludes a variety of features to facilitate career development and job readiness. Key features include:

  • Directory of Technical schools and Colleges.
  • Directory of trade associations offering training programs.
  • Directory of job fairs nationwide.
  • Online job board
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mdowdellBlue Collar Club
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Click Points USA

The Internet and mobile technology have revolutionized the way we connect with others. This technology has also made it possible for entrepreneurs to develop entirely new business models online. This Executive Summary outlines our plans to develop and market ClickPoints, a WebApp that leverages online technology to take Social Networking, Charitable Giving and Paying-it-Forward to a whole new level! The purpose of this venture is four-fold:

  1. Connect and engage apartment residents in a unique Social Giving and Paying-it-Forward
  1. Develop a peer-to-peer, non-cash transaction system to support an individual or organization.
  1. Provide apartment managers with a cost-effective way to attract and retain residents.
  2. Provide entrepreneurs with an opportunity to earn income through a unique Affiliates Program.

One of the problems facing non-profit organizations is raising funds to support their cause. This is especially true for the homeless and disadvantaged population. ClickPoints leverages technology to connect members with disadvantaged individuals in a peer-to-peer relationship in a way that’s truly unique. Key components includes:

  • Dedicated Social Portal/Virtual Apartment Communities

A dedicated social networking portal where apartment residents can connect, chat, follow and share within their community and across thousands of apartment communities nationwide.

  • Pay-it-Forward Initiative/Charitable Fundraiser

A Pay-it-Forward initiative allows members to earn Digital Points when they click, share, post or shop online. The points earned can be transferred (Pay-it-Forward) to a homeless individual, a family, or charitable organization. Digital Points can be used to shop online at retailer such as Amazon and Walmart.

  • Business-to-Business Directory

A searchable directory of businesses that target apartment residents. This includes realtors, insurance agents and restaurants. Using geo-location/geo-fencing technology, members receive mobile alerts when in the vicinity of participating merchants.

  • Entrepreneurs Affiliate program

A unique Affiliate Program that allow entrepreneurs to earn income marketing this program in their area. Affiliates also earn income by buying, selling and managing virtual properties. Affiliates earn commissions on all transactions that occur on their virtual property.

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mdowdellClick Points USA
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SmartTALK Social

SmartTALK is a Web/Mobile App which is dedicated to promoting safe and responsible smartphone use. With increasing use of smartphone, so is the concern about health, safety and social responsibility. Did you know?

  • More than 3,000 teens die each year in crashes caused by texting while driving
  • 10% of emergency room visits result from accidents involving cell phones
  • More than 50 percent of teens admit to texting while driving

Catchy slogans like AT&T’s – “It Can Wait!” and The Ad Council’s – “Stop the Wrecks – Stop the Texts” which can help, but they aren’t enough.  It’s the behavioral habits that needs correcting.

SmartTALK is the solution! This unique WebApp combines an exclusive social networking portal with a powerful eLearning platform to create an interactive learning experience. SmartTALK utilizes gamification technology to engage, challenge, and reward students while learning about safety and social responsibility. The SmartTALK mini-course consists of three modules:

  • SmartTALK Safety – 10 Minutes
  • SmartTALK Ergonomics – 7 Minutes
  • SmartTALK Etiquette – 8 Minutes

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mdowdellSmartTALK Social
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